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How to choose the best plan for your business
How to choose the best plan for your business

PipeLime is suitable for small, medium, and large sized businesses. Here we help you find out what is the best choice for you

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By leveraging artificial intelligence, PipeLime can operate at any scale without compromising quality. Whether you are a one-person business or a large corporation, PipeLime will generate high-quality leads with a personalized company summary for each of them, and then drive every one of them through the sales funnel with perfect precision.

Choosing the right plan for your business will vary depending on the capacity of your sales team. The campaigns for lead generation and sales funnel automation can be created in just a few minutes, so we can leave that out of the equation. PipeLime will automatically collect leads and drive them through the sales funnel until they are ready to schedule an online meeting, phone call or demo. This means that the largest plan you should choose is determined by how many meetings, phone calls or demos your sales team can handle.

Easy steps to determine what plan you should choose:

  1. Try and measure results: Get the Starter plan for at least 3 months or the Pro plan for at least 1 month to see how many meetings, phone calls, or demos PipeLime can get you on average per week.
    โ€‹* It varies depending on the industry and how attractive is your offer to potential clients.

  2. Time your meetings and determine your sales team capacity: Determine how long a meeting, phone call, or demo lasts, and how many can your sales team fit per week on average.

  3. Calculate profitability: Compare how much you spent on PipeLime to how much profit it brought you to calculate the ROI (Return on Investment).

  4. Compare and see the results: If you are getting a positive ROI and your sales team can handle more meetings, phone calls, and demos with potential clients, it's time to increase your plan.

Want to increase your ROI? Contact our team and ask for a personalized optimization meeting to get the most out of your PipeLime campaigns.

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